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Saturday, May 24, 2008

SXSkinComponents is a set of visual components. but it's not a usual package of controls. Using this Component Using SXSkinComponents you can easily create An interface with buttons, checkboxes, edits and other controls, design of which is changed like Windows XP Themes and A fully graphical interface with custom images instead of buttons and other controls.


  • 100% alpha channel support in components drawing.

  • Every skin is describen in a separate skin.ini file.

  • A skin file contains a set of skin styles: genearal and special ones.

  • A general skin style is a set of elements (images or geometrical figures).

  • JPEG, PNG-8 and PNG-24 (with 8-bit transparency) graphic file formats are supported.

  • These figures can be drawn as skin style elements: rectangles, rounded rectangles, circles, polygons and lines.

  • All figures can be drawn with a translucent border and a gradient fill.

  • Using a BoxTile element you can freely design buttons and other controls.

  • Optimized for processors with MMX instructions support.

  • Support Delphi 6, Delphi 7, Delphi 2005, Delphi 2006, C++Builder 6 and C++Builder 2006.

  • Designed for operating systems Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003.

  • Full source code is 100% open.

Project License

  • SXSkinComponents source code can be freely distributed by anyone but with no modifications made.

  • Freeware Projects. You can freely use SXSkinComponents in your freeware projects (and not only opensource).

  • Shareware and Commercial Projects. To use SXSkinComponents in your shareware and commercial projects you have to purchase one of these licenses: a Project License or a Company License.

  • Skins (skin.ini files and image files) are totally free and can not be sold by their authors.

Installation Instruction:

  • Download SXSkinComponents distrubution package (choose Full or Source Only). Follow the DOWNLOADS page to do this.

  • Extract contents of the downloaded zip-file to the Delphi (C++Builder) installation folder.

  • Start Delphi (C++Builder) application. Install Delphi (C++Builder) package from Graphics32-1-8-SX2\Packages folder (it is named GR32_DSGN_BDSxxxx, GR32_DSGN_Dx or GR32_DSGN_CBx).

  • Install package from SXSkinComponents\Packages folder (it is named SXSkin_BDSxxxx_D, SXSkin_Dx_D or SXSkin_CBx_D).

  • Ensure that Graphics32-1-8-SX2 and SXSkinComponents folders were added to the Delphi (C++Builder) Library path.

How to Start

To start with SXSkinComponents try to create a simple skinnable application. To do this start Delphi (C++Builder) and open a project from the Template directory of SXSkinComponents distribution package. Then copy the folder Skins to the folder Template. After that follow steps, described on the form.

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